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Argonne, IL

COMPTECH Technology Advisory Board (TAB)


Technology Advisory Board (TAB) oversees and guides the activities of COMPTECH. The Board is comprised of synchrotron technology experts, members of the central high-pressure facilities (e.g. HPCAT, GSECARS), managers of the other COMPRES facilities (ALS, NSLS) and mineral physics researchers representing a cross-section of the COMPRES community. President of COMPRES as well as chairs of the two standing committees serve as extra official members of the TAB. TAB meets 3-4 times per year through teleconferencing to discuss the activities and progress of the project as well as to plan future initiatives and actions.

TAB Meeting Agenda for year of 2015

  • 2015 1st meeting: Jan-15-2015
  • 2015 2nd meeting: May-28-2015
  • 2015 3rd meeting: Sep-23-2015
  • 2016 1st meeting: Jan-22-2016

TAB Meeting Minutes


  • Previous Program Director (Mar. 2013 - Jul. 2016): Dr. Przemek Dera, E-mail:
  • Previous Chief Technology Officer (Nov. 18 2014 - Jul. 2016): Dr. Jin Zhang, E-mail:
  • Previous Chief Technology Officer (Mar. 2013 - Dec. 2013): Dr. Bin Chen, E-mail:

Members of Advisory Committee

Jan 2015-
  • Chair: Dr. Quentin Williams: Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences, University of California at Santa Cruz
  • Dr. Guoyin Shen: HPCAT, Advanced Photon Source and Carnegie Institution of Washington
  • Dr. Yanbin Wang: GSECARS, Advanced Photon Source, University of Chicago
  • Dr. Lars Ehm: National Synchrotron Light Source and the Mineral Physics Institute at Stony Brook University

Former Members of Advisory Committee

Jan 2015-Sep 2015